BigJig 8.07

BigJig 8.07: Enjoy a multi-featured jigsaw puzzle game. BigJig is a multi-featured jigsaw puzzle game. Choose out of eight shape styles: Classic, Modern, Curl, Artistic, Bony, Scrappy, Distorted, and Spriggy. Add a plain or shaped frame around picture or play with more difficult edgeless pieces. Make up jigsaw in four pockets and two main windows. On the game site you can find a new free jigsaw every week. The registered game includes more than 300 extra jigsaws and a jigsaw-making utility.

JigSaw Mixer Game 3.85: Jigsaw Mixer Game, ensemble of 3 puzzle games in 1. Includes 84 colorful images
JigSaw Mixer Game 3.85

Jigsaw Mixer Game is an ensemble of 3 puzzle games in 1. Puzzle Mixer. Puzzle Jigsaw. Puzzle Scrambler. Each are simple yet challenging assemble the puzzle games. * Puzzle-Mixer images are cut into square or rectangle pieces. Click, drag and drop them where they belong to complete the puzzle. * Puzzle-Jigsaw images are cut into various JigSaw pieces. Click, drag and drop them where they belong to complete the Jigsaw. * Puzzle-Scrambler images are

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Mobile Jigsaw (Treo 700w) 1.1: Jigsaw puzzle where you can create your own puzzles
Mobile Jigsaw (Treo 700w) 1.1

jigsaw puzzle where you can create new jigsaws from your own images and photos. For 240x240 WM devices (Treo 700w, iPAQ 6510, iPAQ 6515 etc.). Game features: classic, curly, rectangular and fancy shapes; ability to pause (minimize) the game and restore it at a later time; customizable controls and screen orientation; adjust the background color for each jigsaw image; choose the number of pieces for any jigsaw; create your own jigsaws from bmp or

jigsaw, 700w, puzzle, treo, kid s, logic

Mobile Jigsaw 1.2.2: Jigsaw puzzle where you can create your own classic, curly or fancy jigsaws
Mobile Jigsaw 1.2.2

Jigsaw puzzle for PDA`s. Now you can generate as many your own puzzles as you like, using not only classic and curly shapes, but also fancy figures. The first jigsaw puzzle tuned for VGA screens. Game features include 8 preset images, various levels of difficulty, various shape styles including fancy pieces, ability to load your own bitmap pictures and create new jigsaws, ability to save/restore the current game, customizable controls.

jigsaw, puzzle, kid s, logic

Jigtopia Jigsaw Puzzle 1.0.2: Play, create and share jigsaw puzzle with friends. Comes with 30+ puzzles.
Jigtopia Jigsaw Puzzle 1.0.2

jigsaw puzzle with friends. Comes with 30+ puzzles. Create your own unique jigsaws with images from the internet, your digital camera, pictures on your computer or scanned photos. Authentic piece shapes. Choose how many pieces you want for the jigsaw puzzle. Eight different templetes to create the puzzle pieces. Select whether to make all the pieces the same shape or to make each piece unique. Add background music to your puzzle. The hint and neighbor

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Cock Puzzle 1.0: A Cock as a jigsaw puzzle enhanced with animation.
Cock Puzzle 1.0

Looking for a small and cute game for getting pleasure and training brains? A Cock puzzle is an animated jigsaw game for your entertainment! The game represents colorful graphics, fun and easy gameplay. You can assemble puzzle while animation rolls or turn it off if you like. The game, targeted primarily for kids, can give lots of amusement to gamers of any age. The game is created with Alive! Jigsaw Producer - a famous jigsaw creation tool.

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Jigsaw Yoogi 1.0: Computer Jigsaw puzzle game. Create and play puzzles from your own images.
Jigsaw Yoogi 1.0

Jigsaw yoogi is a computer Jigsaw Puzzle game from Yoogi Games. You can choose variety of images supplied with the game, and customise the puzzle piece shape, the number of pieces for a picture. The game can handle high resolution images (up to 600x800), and up to 500 pieces in a game. Also all common functionalities like save and restore, optional preview picture in small size and a optional ghost image are included.

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